Review: Catwoman #55

by Adam Ray
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“Rise and Revenge” – Part Five
Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Nico Leon
Color Artist: Veronica Gandini
Letterer: Lucas Gattoni
Review by Adam Ray

It feels like barely any time has passed since the end of the last issue. Selina’s taking the fight to Gotham’s worst in Catwoman #55. We see her finally reconnect with Eiko, the Catwoman who’s been filling in for her. I knew she wouldn’t stay in prison long.

We’re rewarded with immediate, intense action right from the drop. The story naturally transitions into a thoughtful and emotional issue between the two cat women, and how they’re going to handle the city they protect. The tale easily passes the Bechdel test as a result.

At the same, we get a chance to catch up with side characters that haven’t had a lot of good screen time in a while. The creative team has rewarded us with a rich and layered story that’s far deeper than anyone reading Catwoman may expect.

It’s great that naming things after key members of the DC wider family is a done thing between most creators. As mentioned between the two mobsters, I’d love to go to Conroy’s too – he’s deeply missed.

As someone who’s grown up around cats, it’s really rewarding to see the art and letters team really come together to get cat mannerisms down perfectly in a comic. They do rear up, and paw at windows like that, and the trilling or “mrrr” noise cats make is their way of showing curiosity and getting attention, just like in this story.


Catwoman #55 leaves us wondering and fearing for our hero’s safety. It seems as though she has fewer allies than she imagined, but I personally have faith in DC’s greatest thief (although these days, she’s probably more like DC’s greatest anti-hero). This issue’s story and character driven, and very thoughtful. The action’s vibrant and gripping, the plot layered, and the artwork is on the right side of realistic to my taste. Many ongoing titles should learn from Catwoman

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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