DKN Spotlight Review: Titans #1

by James Attias
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“Out Of The Shadows” – Part One
Writers: Tom Taylor
Artist: Nicola Scott
Color Artist: Annette Kwok
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Review by James Attias

Titans #1 is here! The Dawn of DC has officially arrived, helmed by the Terrific Tom Taylor! The Titans are finally at the forefront of the DC Universe.

Titans Go!  

When there’s trouble, you know who to call… Teen Titans! Of course, times have changed and they’re not teenagers anymore (for the most part, at least). After the events of the Dark Crisis, DC has a new team to lead the Hero world. Fighting the big bads and dealing with world-ending threats.

Tom Taylor has been writing the finest Nightwing run, in my opinion ever, so the only logical move would be for the same writer to take over the series with Nightwing leading the Titans. The only thing better than a Nightwing solo by Tom Taylor is more Nightwing and more characters written by him. Now, enough of my gushing about Tom and Dick, let’s talk about the first issue of this new series.

We start with one of the most powerful members of the team, Wally West, The Flash. Who just like Nightwing is on a high at the moment; with how good his solo series is. However, Wally’s in trouble. Not again West!

I was overjoyed when I started reading and we got an overarching narration from Nightwing. Taylor’s take on the character is right on the money (just read the reviews from my wonderful mentor Steve Ray). One thing I look for in comic books is character development, as the idea of characters being stagnant in time has always bugged me. That’s why I’m such a fan of all the Robins as they have actually progressed over the years from Robin to Nightwing, Red Hood, Spoiler, and Red Robin. Whereas some characters act like they have only been a hero for a few years.

Seriously people, it’s been like 80 years, things need to grow! This book is the epitome of that aspect and a dream come true. A young hero team, that started as the sidekicks wanting to fly solo are now the main heroes on the front line.

This issue has something for everyone. We see Nightwing as a leader, Beast Boy and Raven growing as a couple, Donna and Kori as the two toughest team members, and Cyborg and his boom tubes being the group’s method of transport, until further notice. Also, when is Beast Boy going to call himself Beast Man?! Or for legal reasons not that, and instead call himself Changeling again?

Moving In

As a group of rebellious, hormonal teens, it made perfect sense for them all to live together in a big T-shaped building. One of the best throwaway lines in Titans #1 that stuck with me, was when Nightwing explained that Wally would not be moving into the tower as he has a wife and kids (and depending on when this issue is set, a newborn baby). That line was wonderful to read, as it just shows that thought has gone into every character in this issue as well as their solo series that are going on at the same time. Invaluable to comic readers like me. It’s always been a problem in comics that I hope will finally be remedied.

Tom Taylor’s arguably DC’s most reliable and readable writer at the moment. Everything he creates is heartfelt and engaging. I’m thrilled that he’s writing this book, and ecstatic about reviewing it. The art in this issue was great, seeing Raven without her hood (and trousers) was entertaining. She seems to have been wearing that cloak for 30 years, so it’s nice to see her looking more comfortable in the world. I can’t find a fault in any art in this book, the characters look exactly how I would imagine, and the colors pop. All around, this is great work from Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok, and Wes Abbott!


Titans #1 continues on the perfect path, one that DC needs to follow. We have Nightwing and Tom Taylor leading the rest of the heroes out of the shadows! Magic… even with the painful cliffhanger ending.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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