1966 Batman Bat-Cuffs Available From Sideshow Collectibles

by Eric Lee
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Fans of Adam West’s Batman series can get a pair of their own collectible Bat-cuffs.

Sideshow Collectibles have unveiled a mighty fine pair of Bat-cuffs, replicas of the ones that Batman and Robin used in the 1966 Batman movie. If you must know, the exact scene is when Catwoman trips in a submarine and loses her mask, only to reveal that she is Bruce Wayne’s love interest Ms. Kitka.


While I can retell the scene in great detail, Sideshow’s official description is downright beautiful. You’d almost think that whoever wrote this was writing a literary prose.

Sideshow and Paragon FX Group present the 1966 Batman Bat-Cuffs Prop Replica.

As Perlez-Moi D’Amour plays in the background, Batman, having just discovered that his alter-ego’s love, Kitka, is none other than Catwoman herself – mournfully tells his sidekick Robin, “It means nothing. Snap on the Bat-Cuffs.” Holy heartbreak, Batman.


A key piece of the Batman utility belt arsenal, the Bat-Cuffs represent a symbol of Batman’s code of honor itself. Criminals must face justice at the hands of the United States legal system, or what has been coined as Batman’s “no-killing” rule, which became an official part of Batman lore all the way back in Batman issue #4 (1940), when Batman tells Robin, “Remember, we never kill with weapons of any kind.

Holy heartbreak, Batman indeed. That is such a stunning piece of word poetry. It certainly makes me want to buy a pair for myself.

Incidentally, the cuffs are limited to 500 units total and, while they look official, please do not use them for restraining actual criminals. The cuffs are held together with a magnetic clasp. That means if you successfully snap these onto a real bad guy, they can easily rend the cuffs off and beat the stuffing out of you.

The Bat-Cuffs sell from $125 USD. They are expected to ship between May and July 2023. You can pre-order a pair here.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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