Chip Zdarsky on Future Plans for ‘Batman’

by Eric Lee
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Batman writer Chip Zdarsky has taken some time to answer fan questions about his current run on DC Comics’ flagship title.

The acclaimed writer fielded all sorts of fan questions about what characters to expect in his upcoming issues and some brief teases of the legacy issue #900.

Writing Influences for ‘Batman’

Zdarsky answered about what his writing influences are for Batman. The answer is not a surprising one, with a litany of “who’s who” in popular Batman writers.

Which classic authors who wrote the Batman stories are influencing your Batman?

Oh man, so many. Honestly, I’m pretty directly influenced by all the recent writers who’ve built up Gotham in really fun and inventive ways. Scott Snyder is probably the gold standard I look to because he took really big swings with the title. Obviously, I love Grant Morrison’s run. Frank Miller is always in my head, with “Year One” and “Dark Knight Returns”.

At the start of his inaugural issue #125, Zdarsky dropped an image of the infamous Three Jokers into a nightmare sequence. However since then, he has not followed up on it. Fortunately for fans, it will be a plot point in an upcoming issue. More so, it will be a plot point for the anniversary issue #900.

Will the beginning nightmare sequence of the three Jokers in Batman #125 be addressed in future story arcs

Yes! You’ll get some wild revelations in Batman #135/#900, on sale soon! (Note: final trade dress on Batman #135 will also include legacy numbering, Issue #900)

Chip Zdarsky on Future Characters

Meanwhile, fans are edgy for Zdarsky’s take on other Bat-characters, like Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul, and the newly created Ghost-Maker. However, it is a mixed response on who fans will see in future issues of Batman.

I finally got to write some Damian dialogue in Batman #136! Very satisfying. A lot of this job being the “main” Batman writer is making sure I don’t get greedy with characters so other writers can tell their stories in the various Bat-books. Damian’s a character I love, but I know the cool beats coming up for him in other stories, so I’m happy to wait my turn!

Regarding Ghost-Maker and Talia’s inclusion:

It would be really fun to write both of [Talia and Ghost-Maker] in a modern story. I don’t have specific plans right now, just ideas. Good ideas? No.

For more of the fan Q&A, check the link here!


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