Batman (1940-2011) #428 NFT Edition Now Available At DC3

The historic death of Jason Todd receives the NFT treatment

by Steve J Ray
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DC are dropping Batman #428 (1988) this week. This issue featured the infamous death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, from the classic “A Death in the Family” storyline.

Did you know that it wasn’t The Joker’s decision to put an end to The Boy Wonder, it was the fans’?


The story began in Batman #427. Ignoring Batman’s advice, Jason Todd attempted to hunt down The Joker, who had kidnapped his biological mother. At the end of the issue, Jason’s fate at the hands of the villain was left up in the air.

Readers were given a number to call, and this is what ultimately decided Jason Todd’s fate.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that the image featured is NOT from the cover that was released, but rather from Jim Aparo’s alternate Batman #428, where Robin survived. This is one of five awesome, variant NFT covers available.

The Common cover is Mike Mignola’s original (40% rarity). The Uncommon variant is a scene from the issue itself, as drawn by Jim Aparo, with inks by Mike DeCarlo, and colors by Adrienne Roy (30% rarity). The Rare cover is by Shane Davis and Mark Morales, with retro style colors by Alex Sinclair (15% rarity). The Epic cover, featuring the doomed Jason Todd crawling out of his grave is also by Davis, Morales, and Sinclair (10% rarity). Finally, the Legendary variant is the “Jason Lives” piece, by Jim Aparo and Mike DeCarlo (5% rarity).

When Jason Todd was first introduced by writer Gerry Conway and artist Don Newton,  in Batman #357 (March 1983) he was almost a carbon copy of Dick Grayson. Fans seemed to love this. However, when his origin was revised by Max Allan Collins, with art by Chris Warner and Mike DeCarlo, in Batman #408 (1987), the new street-wise Jason was almost universally despised, even though his origin was fresh, different, and non-derivative.

What would you have done, back in the day? Saved Robin, or let him perish?

Don’t miss Batman #428, from “A Death in the Family” part 3, it’s a slice of comics history. The NFT will be available for a limited time from Thursday February 23rd.

Images and press Release Courtesy of DC

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