Review: Batman: Urban Legends #23 – Final Issue

by James Attias
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“The Director”- Part Two, “Hot Pursuit”, “Arkham Academy” – Part Three , and “The Murder Club” – Part Four.
Writers: Jamal Campbell, Kenny Porter, Dennis Culver, and Joey Esposito
Artists: Simone Di Meo, Hayden Sherman, and Vasco Georgiev
Color Artists: Adriano Lucas, Jordie Bellaire, and Alex Guimarães
Letterers: Lucas Gattoni, Deron Bennett, Pat Brosseau, and Carlos M. Mangual
Review by James Attias

Batman: Urban Legends #23 is the end of the line as it’s the final issue of this fantastic series. It’s been a journey of highs and lows and this issue is no different. Let’s go!

“The Director”

Back to the mean streets of Blüdhaven. After the events of last issue, Nightwing and Batgirl are on the trail of the murderous Director. After this vile villain caused so many deaths last issue and has been manipulating many people to do their bidding. Who is The Director? What’s their endgame? Using both their keen intellects and detective skills will justice prevail?

Jamal Campbell, really does show off in this story, art and writing skills both on a top notch scale. I feel like this tale will lead to more for Nightwing and/or Batgirl, and am very excited to see where it leads. This two part story has been a real gem. You can always tell it’s good when you want more.

“Hot Pursuit”

This story takes us back to Robin’s second year in Gotham. This was such a wholesome story, seeing Robin starting out. This is not an origin story, rather than a lesson learned story from the Dark Knight’s young ward. We get to see some of Batman’s firmest ground rules for missions early on in young Richards tenure as Robin and the Dark Knight instructing Robin on what to do in a life or death situation, whilst they’re going head to head with Gotham’s signature arsonist Firefly.

I really enjoyed this short story, it was drawn well and it managed to convey a huge amount of emotion in only a few pages. It’s great seeing a tale showcasing the Dynamic Duo as partners, and family; not just as a boss and his ward. It was wonderful to read and witness the team really cementing their bond. You just can’t beat a great story starring Batman and Robin.

“Arkham Academy”

I could rant on for another paragraph about how much I hate this movie, so I’m going to look at this story as if it was written as a parody, instead, mocking elements of the superhero genre. This couldn’t possibly have been written this badly on purpose.

We’re back in Arkham Academy and the young heirs, to mostly unknown villains, are in distress. The staff don’t care. Lil Kitten has been mauled by Killer Croc, so what could possibly happen next? Something interesting? Don’t bet on it! I didn’t like the art, the twist ending was laughable, and it all felt like it was making fun of all Batman twist endings. To the creative team of this story, I don’t wish to wound you, take this feedback and keep trying. Everyone starts somewhere.

“The Murder Club”

As the series’ swan song, this story is wonderful. It will tug at the heart strings of every Bat-fan who reads it. We see the time travel caper that brought Thomas and Martha Wayne from the precipice of death to the modern day to meet Batman, Robin and Nightwing. We learn how it happened and who the fiend responsible is.

I really wish this story was canon and not a separate little isolated tale. The art was lovely, and I can’t praise the writing enough. This was the perfect way to end a 23 issue series, with Batman being told by his parents that they are proud of the man he’s become, and the work he has done. We close with Bruce realizing that being Batman has given him a new family.


Batman: Urban Legends #23 provides the perfect ending for this series. I highly recommend that if you didn’t read this story from the beginning, that you buy the collected editions. Some of these stories will stay with us Bat Fans forever.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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