Leslie Grace Reveals New Batgirl Suit

by Eric Lee
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Despite the cancellation, the Batgirl movie continues to generate new images. The latest features Leslie Grace in an updated suit.

Twitter revealed a behind-the-scene image of Grace wearing an armored version of her Batgirl outfit. The suit is sleeker and has armored plates adorning her shoulders and gauntlets. It honestly looks like the purple Batgirl suit combined with the Bat-suit from The Dark Knight.

Since this is a behind-the-scenes photo, there are a lot of details that cannot be seen. Like, we do not have a view of what her boots or utility belt look like. However, given the initial images of her wearing the leather jacket costume, fans can piece together the plot of the movie a little bit.

What probably is happens is that Grace’s Barbara Gordon throws together her own DIY Batgirl outfit to fight crime. Over the course of the adventure, she ends up defeating the villain Brendan Fraser’s Firefly. Then after proving herself to Batman, perhaps he is so impressed with her prowess, he upgrades her suit to the more armored look.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like fans will ever see any of this come into fruition, since the movie has been cancelled, there have not been any official plans to release Batgirl in any kind of capacity. Maybe down the line, fans will see bootleg copies of it at a comic book convention. Until then, we will have to just image what a Batgirl film could have been.

Source: Twitter.com

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