Review: Poison Ivy #7

by Fay Clark
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“Poison Ivy” – Chapter Seven
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Atagun Ilhan
Color Artist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Fay Clark

After defeating her maker and arch nemesis all rolled into one, Pamela Isley’s on a high. I’m so happy to be jumping straight back in with our resident plant goddess for Poison Ivy #7The first half of the arc was all about Pam and her quest for revenge, so let’s see what she’s got going on now.

She’s Totally a Spy

You can’t see the smile on my face right now but trust me, it’s there. I love it so much when a Poison Ivy issue drops and G. Willow Wilson’s writing’s the main reason why. Her work is spectacular. She makes you think about difficult subjects while relating them back to the comic.

This issue sees the start of a new arc, yet still carries on the overall plot. Everything about this issue reminded me of an old, animated TV series called Totally Spies. The only difference being that the show was aimed at children. Wilson’s so good at what she does that someone of any age could read this and not feel like “comics are for kids”.

G. Willow Wilson’s stepped the game up with this issueWe’ve seen revenge and retribution already, but now we get something new, something sneaky. You can tell from her inner monologue that Ivy’s been through a lot recently, but she still seems to think that she’s somewhat invincible, let’s hope that Wilson doesn’t test that theory.

Flower Power, Girl Power… Both?

Atagun Ilhan, I’m going to do you a favor and not make the obvious pun on your name. On the other hand… it would work, because WOW. You came in and just went wild. There was so much about this style of art that I loved. The comics meets reality style is amazing. Mixed with the color work of Arif Prianto, our resident green fingers. I couldn’t ask for a better team-up.

There were quite a few pages that really stood out to me, mostly the fight scenes. The flow of the characters is insane. You can see where Ivy’s about to hit before she does in the next panel. I really hope Atagun sticks around so we can see more work from them.


It’s always a good day when Poison Ivy comes into my life. I’m very excited about the next arc we are going on as Wilson seems to have a great plan, from what I can see! Everyone gets Ivy and her story, which is really what we want from her artistic team. The spy element is exciting and I hope we get to see more of this new, sneaky Pamela.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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