NYCC Teases the Future of the Bat-Titles

by Eric Lee
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At New York Comic Con, DC Comics held a panel to discuss their plans for the Bat-family line of titles.

The Riddler: Year One

At the aptly-named “Gotham City” panel, Riddler actor Paul Dano came up to discuss The Riddler: Year One. Dano confessed that it is a different creative muscle to write the Riddler, as opposed to playing him. Dano got his inspriation from reading Batman comics while shooting The Batman.

“Batman, to me, was always his inner gold. I just kept reading Batman comics throughout the shoot. [The Riddler] worships at the altar of Batman.”


Batman Incorporated

After Dano left the panel, Batman Incorporated writer Ed Brisson came up to discuss the new series.  Brisson spoke on how Ghost-Maker is the de-facto leader of Batman Inc. and how that does not automatically make him the best choice.

“I honestly don’t know if he is the right guy. He is a bit of a prick. We are going to explore how he earns the trust of the team, something he is not looking to earn.”

Brisson teased a new character Blackness. According to Brisson, Blackness is a “Badass, Irish vigilante” who brings Batman Inc. their new mission in the title.

Tim Drake: Robin

Tim Drake: Robin writer Meghan Fitzmartin took the stage to talk about why she thinks Tim’s popularity endures.

“I think he represents the burnout generation. His empathy is what makes him such a great detective and so beloved by readers, because they see themselves in Tim.”

The comic is supposed to be separating Tim from the rest of the Bat-Family. It will explore who he is without the rest of the family. Fitzmartin also praised her artistic collaborator Riley Rossmo’s work on the book. She described Rossomo’s work as lived-in and kinetic.

Harley Screws Up the DCU

The New York Comic Con panel then shifted to Harley Quinn. Writer Frank Tieri revealed a new title launching called Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU.

In the book, Harley comes across a time machine. After some time-travel shenanigans, Harley returns to the present and realized that she messed up all of the origins of the DC heroes and now the universe is ruled by Starro. Logan Ferber will do the interior art and Amanda Conner will provide covers for the series.

Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU is out in March 2023.

Detective Comics

Ram V the came out to talk about his Detective Comics run. V wants the current story arc “Gotham Nocturne” to hearkens back to creepy gothic storytelling. V’s aim is to bring a gothic tragedy feel to Batman and Gotham.

Furthermore, Two-Face will figure into the story. In the story line, Two-Face is cured of his facial scars. Naturally, Two-Face’s arc will emphasize the metaphor of Gotham City’s duality.


Sounds like a lot of cool stuff in the ancillary titles!


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