‘Batman: Incorporated’ Returns in a New Series

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics will publish a new Batman Incorporated series this coming October.

According to CBR,  writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms will create a new Batman Inc series. It will be based on the various Batmen from around the world. Current members include El Gaucho of Argentina, Chief Man-of-Bats of the Sioux tribe, and Dark Ranger of Australia, and  the Hood of the United Kingdom.

DC Comics describe the series thus:

Spinning out of the pages of Batman and “Shadow War” comes a reconstituted Batman Incorporated

The Batman Inc. team was re-introduced recently in Joshua Williamson’s Batman #118. In the comics, new international criminal Abyss framed the team for his death. However in the time readers last saw the team, Bruce Wayne lost his ability to fund them. Lex Luthor took over in financially supporting the team in Wayne’s absence. Since then, they have joined Batman in his war against the League of Shadows and Deathstroke Inc. in the ongoing “Shadow Warcrossover, where Ghost-Maker was given leadership of the group by the Dark Knight himself.

While is not quite clear what the status quo of the team is yet post-Shadow War, fans hope to see the full line-up. Batwing, Knight and Squire, Nightrunner, and Mr. Unknown are other members that have not been seen in a while.

The new Batman Incorporated will launch in October.

Source: CBR.com

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