‘Detective Comics’ Sports a New Logo

by Eric Lee
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Upcoming Detective Comics writer Ram V has showed off a new logo for the series. The acclaimed writer unveiled a more gothic, horror-inspired title design on his Twitter feed.

It’s not just the logo that’s had a makeover. The entire cover will now sport a border that resembles a medieval-style look. This fits with the theme of Ram’s initial arc, “Gotham Nocturne”. The writer previously communicated that the opening story line:

…is a quintessentially Batman story, told with the aesthetics of a gothic opera.

The Influences of the new ‘Detective Comics’ Logo

Logo designer Darran Robinson created the new look. Additionally, he’s the man behind the logos for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year , Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Action Comics. Robinson also tweeted an alternate version of the Detective Comics logo.

He also shared a surprising source of inspiration for the logo on Twitter. Some fans conjectured that Robinson took inspiration from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. However, the designer said that his influence originated from the title image of Stephen King’s novel Misery.

You can see the new logo and trade dress live when Detective Comics #1062 goes on sale July 26.

Rafael Albuquerque and Ivan Reis will join Ram V as the artists.

Source: Twitter.com

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment and the artist

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