Review: Batman Beyond: Neo Year #3

by Adam Ray
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“Gotham’s Whisper” – Part Three
Writers: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing
Artist: Max Dunbar
Color Artist: Sebastian Cheng
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Review by Adam Ray

Batman Beyond: Neo Year #3 continues building on the tense mystery bubbling in Neo Gotham. We’ve had the uncertainty mount and the deck seems stacked against our hero, Terry McGinnis, at every turn.

The writing in this title has been replete with themes that are true for Batman, no matter what point in the timeline we’re at. Pairing great stories with masterful artwork, we get something all round special.

Neo Year #3 has presented us with the theme we, and all Batman fans, have known for years. Present day Batman considers himself Bruce Wayne second. It’s fascinating to see Terry unpack this theme as the issue unfolds, and this is essential for keeping Terry distinct. He doesn’t have this kind of identity crisis. He knows who he is and what he does, but he keeps both identities separate. Bruce Wayne is Batman, and can’t exist any other way.

The use of color in this issue is so rich and layered. Sebastian Cheng outdid themselves in this issue, by giving us the rich oranges of Lumos into the color change of the room we only think is one way, and not the other. Between that, and the consistent level of care and attention that the artistic team applies to the look of futuristic Neo Gotham, this book could be one of the best-looking DC titles right now.


Batman Beyond: Neo Year #3 brings more of what we can expect from this title so far. It’s layered more detail onto the mystery; more emotional stakes onto Terry’s mental state, and introduced us to fascinating characters on both the moral compass. I’m very confident that future issues will bring the same level of satisfaction we’ve been getting from this title so far.

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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