Brenton Thwaites Turned Down “Crisis On Infinite Earths” TV Cameo

by James Byrd
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Actor Brenton Thwaites, who portrays Dick Grayson/Nightwing in Titans on HBOMax, has revealed in an exclusive interview with Cosmic Circus why he declined to cameo as the original Boy Wonder in the CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.


“Crisis on Infinite Earths” was the big event for small screen superheroes in the winter of 2019-20. It brought almost every major character of CW’s Arrowverse together for a massive reality hopping adventure. Although the COVID epidemic put further crossover stories on hold, it is still a storytelling high point.

It featured guest appearances from many past and present DC actors, but Breton Thwaites turned down a request to add Nightwing to that group. The actor seemed to think it would be a logistical hassle and an awkward stylistic fit:

If you crossover to a different show, they treat it like a different job, and you know you gotta fly to that place, although the studio and whoever’s in charge will make it work, I feel like… you know, you get a choice, right?” You get a choice to read the script, to study the project and, you know, to be a part of what you want to be a part of; and uh… it was just not something that I wanted to do at the time.”

I also do not like changes to my work routine, so I sympathize.

Not feeling it

Titans is also a darker, more mature show than the typical Arrowverse show. It makes sense That Brenton Thwaites would consider that in his decision.

I mean, whether I believed that it should cross over or not, it’s not really beside the point, I just think that… you know, Titans is such a unique show, the way it looks, the way it feels, the characters, and I kind of… I don’t know, I selfishly want to preserve, you know, the uniqueness of that.

He also echoed a common fan gripe about crossovers in general.

If the stories are really enriched and kind of drawn out and follows this wonderful arc that interweaves with the other [shows] then fantastic. But if it’s really just for a cross-promotional thing then it feels funny to be a part of it.”

Will any Titans stars ever team up with other DC characters? Never say never, but Brenton Thwaites does not seem wild about the idea.

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