Review: Future State Gotham #13

by Fay Clark
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Whatever Happened To Bruce Wayne

Writer: Dennis Culver
Artist: Geoffo

Letterer: ALW’s Troy Peteri

Review by Fay Clark

The chaos is still going strong. After what happened in the last issue, I can’t believe they were able to keep up the pace established by this crazy storyline. Yet, here we are with Future State Gotham #13.

Promoted again

My, my. Everything’s gone up in flames. When I was talking about the chaos I didn’t know how correct I was! this issue really is a bit mental. Dennis Culver can really spin a yarn and I love a good Dick-centric issue.

Everything going on with his storyline lately has been super interesting and I’m glad we finally get to the point where we get to see Nightwing. Dennis Culver has created so many storylines that I’m incredibly impressed he knows what’s happening on each.

Culver’s takes on Dick Grayson and Talia Al Ghul are amazing. His are fresh yet familiar takes on classic characters. Future State Gotham #13 is a true storytelling feat. The connection that these two unlikely characters have stood up to scrutiny and make sense in the context of this story. Everything that happens is a shock and a pleasure to behold.

Blue to Black

Not that we can see the color, but Geoffo’s Nightwing is terrific. The “Future State” designs from last year have mostly been amazing, but Geoofo’s take on Grayson’s is wonderful and mixes well with Talia, who goes on this adventure with him. Future State Gotham #13 jumps out as a great new arc, as everything about this issue is new starts.

The way that Geoffo has honored/redrawn whole sequences from last year’s huge “Future State” event to feel like the work of Dan Mora and others, yet still be completely his own, is incredible. Geoffo has really smashed this.


I have no idea what’s happening, or where this is going but I’m enjoying the wild ride. Dick and Talia make a great team and I would actually like to see more of their dynamic. Seeing this storyline come from a C story to the main subject was amazing, so I’ll definitely be catching up with Gotham when the next issue comes out.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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