New Batman Merchandise At Truffle Shuffle

by Louise Dempsey
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The clothing brand Truffle Shuffle has added new Batman merchandise to their DC Comics collection. The line includes clothing, accessories, homeware and more.

Three of the new t-shirts in the collection are inspired by the smash hit movie The Batman. The Riddler top features a clever question mark design, incorporating a side profile of Batman which glows green in the dark, just so you can always be seen, even in the shadows.

The Batman and the Batmobile t-shirt features a print of a moonlit Batman looking over Gotham City and the latest Batmobile. Theitem also features a bold back print of the latest movie logo and iconic bat-wings.

The Batman Gotham City shirt features the iconic emblem from the crime-fighting superhero which sits on the chest of this simple tee, while a supersized graphic of Gotham’s city logo is printed on the back.

The heat-changing The Batman mug, features graphics of the Caped Crusader, Gotham City and the all-new Batmobile from the 2022 movie. Simply fill the mug with hot water and watch the design change before your eyes.

Illuminated with the new logo from the 2022 film, the Batman light will give your home the dark, moody glow of Gotham City. The light can be mounted on the wall or propped up on a shelf and features the iconic bat silhouette and phase on and pulsing light modes.

The Batman water bottle is made from stainless steel. Lightweight enough for on-the-go sipping, this reusable design is cleverly crafted with a 3D silicone lid depicting the Dark Knight and features the slogan ‘This is my city’ on the front. I do like this bottle but for some reason the idea of screwing off Batman’s head whenever you want a drink makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

The Batman planter is a ceramic planter designed with the DC Comics’ superhero’s iconic logo in classic black and yellow. This planter is perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of Batman to their garden.

This is just a small selection of the Batman merchandise available from Truffle Shuffle. There is lots more on the website including glassware, pet accessories and costumes, travel mugs, lunch bags and much more. They also have quite a wide selection of merchandise featuring other DC Comics characters as well.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Truffle Shuffle

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