New ‘Batman’ Creative Team Announced: Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez

by Eric Lee
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Dardevil writer Chip Zdarsky has announced that he’ll be penning the main Batman comic, which will be drawn by Jorge Jimenez. Zdarsky made the announcement in his Substack newsletter. His run will start with issue #125and the inaugural issue will be oversized.

Readers know that Jimenez already had a recent stint on the title, notably drawing the most recent event stories, like “Joker War” and “Fear State. Zdarsky was quick to praise his artistic collaborator for bringing an over-the-top energy to his scripts.

Early on in the process I let him know I’d be going a little darker with the scripts and Jorge immediately grabbed onto that and turned in pages that were gritty and intense, but still had the bigger-than-life energy of a Jorge Jiménez drawing. He’s the best! Truly the best. And yes, he is putting up with my bull___, thank god.

What to Expect from Chip Zdarsky on ‘Batman’

Chip Zdarsky was fairly tight-lipped on his plans for the title. However, he made a few promises. He is currently mapping out another event story arc that will encompass all of the Bat-titles. He also plans to be on Batman for the “long haul” despite his insistence that he will continue his run on Daredevil over at Marvel Comics. Furthermore, he expressed a lot of enthusiasm for Tim Drake and teaming Batman up with Robin more.

The past few years have had a lot of Batman on his own, with so many (SO MANY) Robins, etc. in his orbit. But I wanted to really highlight the “Batman & Robin” aspect of the characters while still maintaining the darker feel we’re going for. Tim Drake is a favorite of mine and being able to highlight him here has been a lot of fun.

However, the biggest “reveal” Zdarsky made for his first arc is a new villain.

When DC approached me to write Batman, I immediately thought about things that could really challenge the character mentally, physically, and in terms of his relationships. Failsafe is his Doomsday. When I started mapping out the story I got really excited about where it could take the title.

What does it mean when he says Failsafe is Batman’s Doomsday? Will Batman be dead at the end of the story, similar to how Superman died fighting Doomsday? Probably not, since that would interfere with Batman’s other death in the Justice League story line.

Zdarsky is currently writing the miniseries Batman: The Knight. His first issue on Batman hits comic book shops on July 5.


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