All Rise For The Church Of Blood

by Marsha Reilly
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DC’s Titans has recently announced three new additions to the HBO show, with a Twitter post featuring the headline “All rise for the Church of Blood”.

Created by the legendary team of Marv Wolfman, and George Pérez, The Church of Blood is known to be a violent, dangerous cult that worships the Eighth Devil, Trigon. The Titans get on the wrong side of them when they expose to the world that the Church isn’t as benevolent as they’re making out to be. As well as not letting Trigon the Terrible rein chaos on Earth and letting them get close to his daughter, Raven. Some of the most known members of the Church are Brother Blood, Sister Blood, Mother Mayhem, Twister, and Bethany Snow.

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals star, Joseph Morgan, will be joining Titans as Brother Blood. There are many generations of the Blood family, who are cursed to be slain by their offspring to become the leader of the Church of Blood. With many of the parents naming their sons Sebastian, with VIII and IX being the only two to make an appearance in the comics, that doesn’t mean that Morgan could end up playing a completely different Sebastian. With Blood being introduced, however, there is a possibility that Cyborg could also join the Titans as Sebastian VIII was his arch-nemesis.

We will also get to see Franka Potente (The Bourne Identity and Supremacy, The Conjuring 2) bring Mother Mayhem to life. May Bennett is originally the consort to Brother Blood, following his every command and doing anything for the Church of Blood. In the comics, she’s the one who brought Raven to the Church after the Titans saved the day once again from Trigon. Her story then became much more complex, but I won’t spoil any storylines in case they actually follow the comics.

Jinx, who became very well known for her cartoon version of Teen Titans (2003-2006) will be played by actress Lisa Ambalavanar. Part of the Fearsome Five and Villainy Inc. Jinx’s arrival could just be the start of an influx of villains. Being an elemental sorceress whose power is drawn from the ground, Jinx is a truly formidable opponent, as even Superman and Wonder Woman are known to be enemies of hers and her team.

With these three villains being introduced to Titans, it leaves lots of possibilities open. Will even more evil-doers be making an appearance? Will Trigon try to come back? Is Cyborg finally going to join the Titans? Either way, season 4 will be jam-packed with action.

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