Tom Taylor Signs Exclusive Contract With DC Comics

by James Byrd
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Critically acclaimed and New York Times best-selling writer Tom Taylor took to Twitter to announce his new exclusive contract with DC Comics!


Besides being a playwright and screenwriter, Tom Taylor is one of the most respected and inventive comic scribes of the past decade. He’s worked for just about every publisher in the business including Marvel, IDW, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Boom!, and of course, DC Comics, who recently decided to keep the talented Aussie around long term. Taylor has built a considerable following around nearly every book he’s helmed, so DC Comics fans should be overjoyed.

We have a deal!

Most notably, Tom Taylor has been the main writer of DC’s wildly entertaining Injustice: Gods Among Us and DCeased, but he has also had memorable runs on Suicide Squad, and Batman: The Detective. Not to mention other diverse properties like Star Wars, X-Men, and Power Rangers. I actually first encountered his work on Justice League/Power Rangers, and any writer that can make the Power Rangers seem like the equals of the greatest heroes in the world has got talent! Taylor is currently writing Nightwing, and Dark Knights of Steel for DC, and has proven himself to be an imaginative and productive writer with a giant imagination. DC made a great call in putting the metaphorical ring on this guy’s finger!

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