Review: Pennyworth #4

by Fay Clark
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“No Escape In The Cold”
Writer: Scott Bryan Wilson
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Color Artist: John Rauch
Letterer: AW’s DC Hopkins
Review by Fay Clark

Poor old Alfred was in a right pickle the last time we saw him. It looked like there was no escape, but only if you don’t know Alfie! Of course, anyone who is familiar with the sarcastic British butler with the sordid background would know… nothing keeps him down for long. This is pretty evident in Pennyworth #4.

Surely a Brit can handle the Cold?

I have so many questions and so few answers… there has to be something I’m missing. I love the series so far, and Scott Bryan Wilson is doing a great job. I only have to say one bad thing about it, and it’s that we already know that Alfred survives the older storyline as he becomes Bruce’s butler. This does take away much of the suspense from the issue, it would be super tense otherwise, and I would definitely be on the edge of my seat.

I am super interested in the current timeline shenanigans though, as that’s where all my unanswered questions lie. Wilson has me wanting to read the next issue without telling me anything that is happeningI love a good, strong internal monologue because there’s nothing better than hearing the thoughts of a character who’s going through something confusing. Hearing them try to puzzle it all out at the same time as you are makes it easier to put all the facts together. It really feels like a team effort.

Talk about a Snow Day!

If I have to see one more panel of the freezing snowy weather, I might just freeze to death in sympathy! Juan Gedeon does such an amazing job of creating this world that even I’ve forgotten what warmth actually feels like, and that’s the mark of a true artist. Mix that in with the colors from John Rauch and you have yourselves a pretty cool team. I really hope you see what I did there. Pennyworth #4 continues to be icy towards Alfie, we really get to see how cold he gets. I love the red of his face, letting the reader know just how cold it really is!


I’m enjoying this series, the writing from Scott Bryan Wilson is great. The art team of Juan Gedeon and John Rauch is truly amazing too. I do need to know what exactly is happening to Pennyworth in the current timeline ASAP. Who is this mysterious character that’s taunting our Alfie? There’s also the question of how our British gentleman will get himself out of trouble. We know that he will, just not how he’ll do it. I will definitely not be missing issue #5.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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