‘The Suicide Squad’ Gag Reel is Its Own Masterpiece

by Lauren Fiske
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I enjoy so many things in this world, but few things as much as a good gag reel. I used to constantly look for bloopers and funny out-takes on the bonus features of DVDs and would either be furious or largely disappointed if none were included. Now that films are moving to streaming services, my hopes for seeing gag reels went kaput.

The Suicide Squad has renewed those hopes, however!

Warner Bros. Entertainment has released The Suicide Squad‘s gag reel on YouTube, and it’s fantastic!

Some gag reels are just goofs and giggles, but it’s clear from this one that being on-set for this movie was a good time. Several of the actors riffed with each other or flubbed their lines fantastically. Some physical comedy and cursing were involved.


Featured actors in the gag reel include Margot Robbie (birdcage galore!), John Cena (adlibbing like a genius), Idris Elba (line flubs and causing a cast member to nurse a delicate area), David Dastmalchian (Elba’s victim), Joel Kinnaman (frequently breaking character because of his co-stars’ ridiculousness), Peter Capaldi (cursing a brief bit as he fails), Michael Rooker (unable to deliver his line at all at one point), Sean Gunn (doing his best acting, but sadly only in his motion-capture suit), and Flula Borg (messing with Margot Robbie and asserting that the film is actually all about Javelin). Other actors were in the background of these hilarious moments, but these few really had me in stitches!

James Gunn and John Cena have talked about how the upcoming HBO Max show Peacemaker is inspired by the outtakes from The Suicide Squad. While these specific scenes might not be the inspiration for the show, they’re incredibly fun to see.

This 4-minute clip is, to me, just as valid and hilarious as any part of the film. This is one of many sets I wish I could have been witness to or a part of, but at least we have this gag reel to make us happy.

To the future of gag reels and the lighthearted fun!

The Suicide Squad is available in theaters and on HBO Max.

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