Review: Catwoman #34

by Adam Ray
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“Before Destruction”
Writer: Ram V
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Adam Ray

The previous issue gave us the start of the clash, and now the confrontation is in full force. here in Catwoman #34. The two figures, Catwoman and Valley, have been in a deadly dance around each other for months, both in real time and in the story.

After a relaxing break for our hero to get her head straight, we’re finally treated to almost an entire issue of the two antagonists in single combat. At the same time, we’re also given a real detective story with a now beloved side character to show just how ruthless our villain is.

This issue just feels immersive. We’re never given a moment to breathe. Instead it goes from a delightful journey of recovery, to learning about the enemy, and ending with the fight. I enjoy the fast pacing of issues like this one, as we’re not given another filler issue; things are all go. The main storyline never gives us a chance to breathe, but instead only get a reprieve as we try to figure out the lengths that Valley will go to. I have to admit that I was blown away by the villain’s efforts.

Fernando Blanco and Jordie Bellaire excel in the use of not one, but two double page spreads in this issue, both with completely different goals, but each one equally masterful and innovative. At the issue’s opening, we get Catwoman reading all she needs to know about the assassin on her case. Tom Napolitano places the text in perspective with all the pictures on the page. I’ve never seen anything like it. The second double page spread delivers an epic combat encounter.


We learned very important things about Catwoman’s future with her ex fiancĂ©, as well as the ruthlessness of the villain in this excellent run. Catwoman #34 gave us an intense clash, the kind I would expect from these characters, and I’m eager to see just how the dust will settle.

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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