Batman: Arkham City Main Menu Hides A Secret

by Marsha Reilly
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Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series is cram packed with little easter eggs in practically every dark corner. However, a player with an impressive number of gaming hours and playthroughs has just discovered that Batman: Arkham City even has a secret in its main menu!

Like most people who enjoy video games, we only really stay on the main menu long enough to hit play and start the action. Due to this eagerness, we may have all been missing out on a little homage to the Dark Knight’s villains. As player kadir4010 has discovered.

The reason why many fans may not idly come across this feature is because these villains will only appear if players have already encountered and beaten them. It also takes time for each scene transition in the menu screen. However, it seems as though many fans who have missed this detail have not stuck around on the menu screen long enough to see it. FlyingSquirelOi states that they either “don’t spend a lot of time on the main menu” or simply complete Batman: Arkham City in a “one sit down play through.”

Jared Stewart, GameRant

Something’s Wrong At Arkham

If you haven’t played any of the Arkham series yet, they’re highly recommended. Although the Riddler doesn’t get any less annoying throughout them, Mark Hamill’s Joker certainly makes up for all the “riddle me this!” we have to suffer through.

The first of the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum, is set in Gothams famous mental institution which can’t seem to ever hold its inmates… I mean patients. Batman: Arkham City throws Batsy into a city super-prison, filled with more challenges and Gothams incarcerated villains running amuck. Batman: Arkham Knight is Gotham City in all her glorious gothicness and impending destruction. We also get to play in the Batmobile!

Some people also include Batman: Arkham Origins in the Arkham series as it’s final instalment, also set in Gotham, as Batman tries to bring Black Mask to justice, while also being hunted down due to having a bounty on his head.

It would be amazing if the other games in the series did the something like this with their main menus, since our favourite Caped Crusader goes through so many of his iconic villains in each game. At least we have their amazing game art, though.

The Batman: Arkham series is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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