Hyperreal Harley Quinn Statue By JND Studios Announced

by Marsha Reilly
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JND Studios has just released their Hyperreal Harley Quinn Statue, the fifth piece in their lineup for a young company that specializes in hyperrealism.

Their main artist, So-Young Lee, said this about their newest statue:

Harley Quinn had been done many times in the past, so I was especially nervous about this project. I had to capture that playful, flirty nature of Harley into a single moment. So we decided to go with a smile for the first time. Considering how JND does hyperreal, we had to make it special.  So we put dentures inside her mouth. It makes her smile look so real. I hope collectors will be able to appreciate the effort.

Meet Hyperreal Harley… She’s A Bad Guy, It’s What She Does.

With glass eyes and silicone skin, even rooted hair, and separately painted teeth, this statue looks exactly like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn from the 2016 Suicide Squad that it’s based on.

The scene they chose to replicate comes from when The Mistress of Mischief “borrowed” a pretty new bag from a shop window, as the team made their way through Midway City. This perfectly sums up Harley’s personality in one look too. The small details are, of course, stunning. From the fibers of her hair, down to the Jeremy Scott x Adidas heels, nothing’s  been overlooked.

The Hyperreal Harley Quinn Statue is currently in high demand and is being sold for $2,099 USD.

Images and Press Release Courtesy Of JND Studios

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