Review: Catwoman #32

by Adam Ray
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“Everything You Know About Selina Kyle”
Writer: Ram V
Artist: Evan Cagle
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Adam Ray

The consequences of the past catch up with Selina in Catwoman #32, as the net has closed in tighter around the greatest thief in DC Comics. We’re all left wondering if the quicksand is truly rushing up under her, or not. It’s an absolute testament to the writer’s utter confidence that throughout this issue of Catwoman, we never truly see Selina, yet still gain an intimate understanding of her.

We never see present day Catwoman, just flashbacks scattered throughout the issue. This chapter serves as a breather, as we all feel the heat descend upon Selina, and her masterful control of the situation. This time, she’s collecting her forces as things have taken the turn prophesied last month, and it’s an incredibly brave storytelling choice. We’re still given a complete, and satisfying narrative without the “main” character.

The quick cuts between the two different scenes is handled perfectly with smaller panels. The bright colours and swirling double page spreads make the past seem colourful and ideal, contrasted to the grey tones of Gotham city, and the dreaded effects of what’s happening there.


I’m eager to see how the set up of this issue will carry over. Through Catwoman #32, we’ve been given a deep look into Selina Kyle’s world, as it gets heavily disrupted. However, I’m not sure how any of this really moves the story forward.

We can hope that Selina’s found somewhere to regroup, but this issue largely tells us things we already knew about the character, or gives context about what to expect in later installments. There hasn’t been much action or progression here, though, but that does mean that the title still has more highs to reach.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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