Unboxed Hot Wheels Toy Gives More Details on ‘The Batman’ Batmobile

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A couple of weeks ago, some promotional art of the Hot Wheels toy of The Batman Batmobile surfaced online. At the time, it gave us another look at RBattz’s souped-up muscle car. However, that was simply the backer card for the toy and the art was a low-resolution illustration. Since then, someone has got a hold of it and posted photos of the unboxed Hot Wheels toy on the Internet.

Last week, a Twitter user by the name of Arkdos Art managed to get their hands on the actual toy itself and decided to do a little photo shoot. For the benefit of the Internet and the Batfandom, he posted the photos to Twitter for all of us to enjoy.

Take a look below:

Unboxed Hot Wheels toy has a lot of detail

To my personal amazement, the unboxed Hot Wheels toy is actually incredibly detailed. Well, as detailed as it can get considering its size. (That’s likely my ignorance talking as I’ve never actually purchased a Hot Wheels toy. Cars just aren’t my jam, man.) I’m very impressed with how you can actually see the inside terminal of the car, including the tablet-like touch screen.

As expected, the vehicle’s aesthetic is still pretty subtle, yet you can see how it will eventually become the Batmobile we know and love. It’s just a heavily modified muscle car, but on the back end, where the ends jut out, definitely resembles wings. So while it’s not quite there yet, you can see how this design will eventually evolve into the extravagant bat-themed monstrosity.

However, while it’s pretty unlikely that this Twitter user created his own toy, we still have to take this with a grain of salt until it officially hits shelves.

What do you think of this unboxed Hot Wheels toy of the Batmobile? Is it an accurate representation of what we will eventually see in The Batman? Let me know.

The Batman is set to hit theatres on March 4, 2021.

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