DC Comics to Raise Prices on ‘Batman’ and Other Select Titles

by Eric Lee
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The June comic solicitations have revealed that DC Comics will be raising the prices of Batman, Joker, and other select titles to $6. It appears that DC have done this for some of their 40-page comics with ads and 30 pages without ads, with both going up to $5.99. Currently, 40-page comics are priced at $4.99.

Additionally, May’s release of Superman: Red & Blue #3 is listed as $5.99 for 40-pages.  Previously, Red & Blue #2 was 48-pages at the same price.  Similarly, the 40-page Wonder Woman: Black & Gold #1 is at $5.99.

For Bat-titles in June, Batman #109  and The Joker #3 and #4, are all now listed at $5.99. Interestingly in the same month, Detective Comics #1037 and #1038 are also 40-pages, but still priced at $4.99.

What Does the DC Comics Price Hike Mean for the Future?

While titles like The Joker or Batman are the exception to the rule for now, it seems to indicate a trend towards an overall price jump. How long will it be before the all 40-page comics are $5.99? Furthermore, how long will it be before the standard 32-page comics are hiked from $3.99 up to $4.99?

For example, Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is priced at $4.99 for all six books, and the series is 32-pages per issue. Is this price hike due to the special crossover nature of the mini-series? Or is this slowly introducing DC readers to a higher cost for their comics? Will we getting better quality paper?

Will this price jump affect your comics purchases, or will you continue collecting, regardless? Do you still pick up physical comics, or have you made the switch to the cheaper digital option? Please let us know.

Either way, DC Comics fans should keep their eyes peeled for any future updates at Dark Knight News.

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