Tom Taylor’s Series Now Titled ‘Batman: The Detective’

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics have renamed the upcoming Tom Taylor-penned Batman mini-series to Batman: The Detective.

‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ Becomes ‘Batman: The Detective’

According to Newsarama, the publisher previously named the series Batman: The Dark Knight. While DC hasn’t officially explained the title change, one possibility is to avoid confusion. As many bat-fans know, Batman: The Dark Knight bears an extremely similar name to Dark Knight franchise. which was created by Frank Miller with the seminal The Dark Knight Returns mini-series. It spawned multiple spin-offs and sequels within the same timeline, where Bruce Wayne is a geriatric crime-fighter.  We’ve already seen The Dark Knight Strikes Again, The Dark Knight III: Master Race, The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, and The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child.

Is ‘Batman: The Detective’ in the Same Continuity as ‘The Dark Knight Returns’?

It’s not entirely clear whether Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert’s now-titled Batman: The Detective series is a part of the Dark Knight timeline or not, as the solicitations do hint at an older Batman.  However, they also don’t explicitly state that this series picks up after the previous Golden Child issue in continuity.

According to the press release, Batman will be travelling to Europe, where he’ll encounter a new villain called Equilibrium. Check out the official press release below:

A horrific tragedy in the United Kingdom sends a very personal and deadly message to the Dark Knight – one that will draw Batman out of Gotham City to investigate! From the moment he lands in Europe, Batman will face a challenging investigation, unheard-of adversaries, and find the assistance of a partner once more – all in the hunt for the villain known as Equilibrium! What does “BATMAN 147” mean to Bruce Wayne when it appears after a deadly plane crash – is it a clue, or a riddle? Or just another trap for the World’s Greatest Detective?

Writer Tom Taylor, and artists Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson will be the creative team on the six-issue mini-series.

Batman: The Detective arrives in comic shops on April 13.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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