Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie Wants a ‘Super Black’ Crossover

by James Byrd
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Batwoman Star Javicia Leslie wants a ‘Super Black’ Crossover.

Batwoman Star Wants Black Power!

With the advent of Black History Month, it’s the perfect time for news about black characters on the super scene. Batwoman star Javicia Leslie has shared her dream of an Arrowverse ‘super black crossover’ during a January interview with TVLine:

I’m so heartbroken about the COVID situation, because I know that it’s Black Lightning‘s last season, and I would have loved to do a crossover with them. Nafessa [Williams] and Jordan [Calloway] are really good friends of mine, and it would have been great to play with them and be superheroes all on the same show. That would have been epic. Whatever show has Black people on it, I’m going to do these crossovers with, because I just want it to be a super Black crossover.

It Was All a Dream…

Its obvious how badly the Batwoman star wants a ‘super black’ crossover to work, but unfortunately it seems we’ll have to add this groundbreaking plot idea to the list of things the epidemic has spoiled. Crossovers have long been a hallmark of the Arrowverse and it’s a shame so many potentially great stories will only ever exist in our dreams (and fanfiction). At least fans can still follow Leslie’s Batwoman for a full season. And who knows what intriguing tales await the world as DC continues to introduce more heroes of color?

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