Jay Oliva Says Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’ Would’ve Made Fans Proud

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Once upon a time, Academy Award winning director Ben Affleck was slated to direct, write and star in The Batman. Personal issues caused Affleck to walk away from the project and the role of Batman entirely. The Batman is now a Matt Reeves film starring Robert Pattinson. It is in its own continuity, separate from the DC Extended Universe. The rumor was after the poor reception of Batman v Superman and Justice League, Affleck lost his passion for the role and wanted out. Jay Oliva, a DC Films storyboard artist, denied those claims.

I was working with [Ben Affleck] personally just prior to him leaving the project and not once did he seem like he didn’t want to be Batman. His version of Batman in his solo movie would have made fans proud.

This isn’t the first time Oliva’s sung Affleck’s praises for what he had planned for Batman. In 2018 he said Affleck’s script was the best Batman script he’d ever read. Oliva also said it had some of the best Batman/Deathstroke stuff in it.

Joe Manganiello recently echoed the Deathstroke comment. He stated that Deathstroke would’ve been similar to a horror movie villain that was dismantling Bruce’s life from the inside out.

Not Quite The End Of Batfleck

Unfortunately for fans, we won’t get to see what Affleck had cooked up. However, both the former Bat and Manganiello took part in the additional photography for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, so we haven’t seen the last of them yet. Affleck’s also set to appear in The Flash, which is rumored to give a proper send off to his Batman in the DCEU.

Would you have preferred we got Affleck’s version of The Batman? Or are you happy we’re getting a new Batman under Matt Reeves’ direction? Let us know!

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