Harley Quinn Poses with Hyenas in Fine Art Print by Sideshow Collectibles

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Christmas is just around the corner, and because it’s such a commercial holiday, retailers are throwing up their best and most beautiful. (I’m totally aware that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas in the US, but for the rest of the world, Christmas is the next holiday. Also, you can’t talk about gifts and Thanksgiving, unless you’re choosing to celebrate it weirdly. For those outside of the US, we do not exchange gifts at Thanksgiving). Sideshow Collectibles seems to be thinking along the lines of best and beautiful because, available for pre-order now, is a fine art print featuring Harley Quinn posing with her hyenas.

It’s time to get classy, Batfans! With this new Harley Quinn fine art print, you can be the pretentious art snob you always wanted to be in front of your friends. In all seriousness though, true to its name, it’s a gorgeous print with Harls and her trusty companions, Bud and Lou. I could easily go on all I want about how beautiful the print is, but you won’t really grasp it until you see it.

Pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis has lovingly brought to life a realistic take on Harley, that looks like she could easily just jump off the page and cartwheel away. There’s just so much to take in from this painting that you can’t gather all the details from the first few glances. Aside from giving some love to Bud and Lou, two hyenas who deserve every ounce, my favorite thing is the contrast between Harley and the background. There’s a clear distinction in style. As I said, Harley herself looks very realistic, while the background looks blurry and even somewhat psychedelic. It’s such a cool style, and you can’t get much better than Harley Quinn posing with hyenas.

Get classy!

Here are some more details:

Print details:

  • Officially licensed by DC Comics
  • Limited edition of 450
  • 22 x 22″ fine art lithograph print, approx 25 x 25″ with frame
  • 100% certified archival heavyweight 300gsm rag art paper, with deckled hand-torn edges
  • Double embossed, with seals from Sideshow and Olivia’s studio
  • Hand signed by the artist, Olivia De Berardinis
  • Certificate of authenticity, signed by Olivia De Berardinis
    *Print is wrapped and hand-rolled in acid free paper, inserted in a protective plastic sleeve, and shipped in a 4” diameter tube*

Product Size: Height: 22″ (558.8 mm) | Width: 22″ (558.8 mm) | *
Box Size: Height: 5.00″ (127 mm) | Width: 5.00″ (127 mm) | Depth: 24.00″ (609.6 mm) | *
Dimensional Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.36 kg) *
* Size and weight are approximate values.

At 22 inches by 22 inches, this is a very large print that you can easily adorn on your wall for all to admire. Limited to 425 prints in total, yours will be signed, embossed, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. However, you’re paying for quality as this print starts at $200 and goes up if you choose to have them frame it for you… the frames are gorgeous too! Available for pre-order here, the piece is expected to ship between December 2020 to January 2021. So if you have a beloved Batfan in your life, you might want to make sure that you don’t see them until after Christmas. Just in case.

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