Sideshow Present Alex Ross ‘Teen Titans’ Art Print

by John Hammond
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Article by John Hammond

I say this a lot, but Sideshow really do like to excel in the collectors market. This time they’ve presented a new Alex Ross ‘Teen Titans’ art print.

You were not assembled simply for this mission, my friends.”

I don’t need to say this, but Alex Ross is a legendary comic book artist.  His is one of the most well loved styles, giving us realistic depictions of many comic book character. His New Teen Titans art print is no different.

About the print.

Sideshow and Alex Ross Art present the Teen Titans Tribute Fine Art Lithograph.

A new generation of heroes rises! In this detailed composition, legendary comics artist Alex Ross pays tribute to the essential New Teen Titans #1 by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, which introduced the world to an innovative roster of adolescent heroes, bursting onto the scene to save the day! Rendered in Ross’s photorealistic style, the image features the seven Titans from this fan-favorite team debut- Starfire, Raven, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg- as they unite for the first time against the Gordanian alien invaders threatening their world.

This fine art collectible has been specially reproduced as an exclusive release for New York Comic Con 2020, in a limited edition of 295 pieces. Each Teen Titans Tribute Fine Art Lithograph is hand-signed by Alex Ross and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. This stunning DC Comics-inspired illustration is a must-have for fans of this iconic superhero team.

Team up with Tamaraneans, telekinetics, tigers, and more! Bring home the Teen Titans Tribute Fine Art Lithograph by Alex Ross to your DC Comics collection today!

About the Artist:

Considered one of the greatest artists in the field of comic books, Alex Ross has revitalized classic Super Heroes into works of fine art with his brilliant use of gouache paint. Ross has transformed comic books by building on the foundation of great artists who came before him. Ross’ paintings have revolutionized the comic book industry and transcended the newsstand origins of his profession.

I have absolutely no doubt you will all agree that this is a quite wonderful piece from Alex Ross and Sideshow.

This wonderful Teen Titans art print is now available to pre-order on the Sideshow website, and is a limited edition of only 295 copies.  It has an estimated arrival date of between December ’20 and January ’21.

Will you be one of the lucky 295 who bags one of these?  Please fee free to let us know.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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