Tom Taylor Teases Joker/Harley Story in ‘Injustice’

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Writer Tom Taylor has announced a new Joker/Harley storyline for Injustice: Year Zero.

The writer posted a sneak peek at the next cover for the digital-first comic series, featuring the Joker and Harley Quinn, standing by the amulet of Apophis; the mystical Egyptian relic that’s at the center of Injustice: Year Zero storyline.

Taylor’s very excited for the upcoming Joker/Harley story, as he’s been holding onto it for the past couple of years, since Injustice: Year Two.

We haven’t had any further details into the plot, but it’s bound to reflect the Joker’s latest scheme in Injustice: Year Zero. So far in the prequel series, the villain’s been causing havoc with the amulet of Apophis, including murder and mayhem.

What’s most interesting is seeing how the Joker’s actions in this prequel series will ultimately lead up to the main Injustice comics and video game. In Injustice, Superman ends up killing the Joker, which leads down the road of fascism and a dictatorship. Do the Joker’s schemes in Year Zero precipitate those events?

Definitely read Injustice: Year Zero to find out! Issue #7 hits digital download on September 29th.

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