Batman Day 2020 Is Coming On September 19

Article by Carl Bryan

Capes Up, Cowls On!

Did DC FanDome whet your appetite for even more of the Dark Knight? Then join fans all around the world as they celebrate The World’s Greatest Detective on Batman Day 2020.

It starts with a week-long celebration, full of activities perfect for families and fans of all ages. Then join the Caped Crusader on a global Twitter adventure, as he pursues The Riddler through Gotham City. Find the clues that unlock wonderful limited-time rewards. Keep checking back here for the latest Batman Day clues and news.

When you spot the Bat-Signal on social media, you’ll know it’s the official start to Batman Day!

Need a Reading List?

Catch up on some of the recent releases leading up to The Joker War or perhaps take a look at a younger Bruce in Marie Lu’s Batman Nightwalker, and let’s not leave out a visit to the “Murphyverse” with Sean Murphy’s White Knight!

Look for The Bat Signal

Are you ready for whole day celebrating the Caped Crusader, The World’s Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight. Let us know what your plans are for Batman Day 2020. Perhaps you’ll wear your favorite Batman T-shirt, or watch one of the cinematic classics?  Or settle in with an episode of Adam West and Burt Ward firing up the Batmobile.  Let us know!

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