Brenton Thwaites on “New” Nightwing Suit

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Titans actor Brenton Thwaites has talked about getting a new Nightwing suit for season three. Thwaites revealed that his costume will be updated.

We pitched a few ideas to change the suit in a way that we can still use the outline of the original suit, because they are so time-consuming and expensive to make. It’s better for us to enhance the one we’ve already got. We’re working on different ways for Nightwing to have more gadgets.

It is hard to tell what that entails exactly. Since the comments are fairly vague and production has not started yet on season three. It’s also unclear what he means by “enhancing”.

Brenton Thwaites as Nightwing in ‘Titans’

What it sounds like is that Titans will take the pre-existing suit and make tweaks to it, as opposed to making a new one from scratch. That is a smart idea. After all, the suit that was revealed on the show ended being an almost-perfect recreation of the comic book outfit.
Thwaites also teased that Nightwing will be getting new gadgets. It will be great to see the next season showcase his whole arsenal.
Here is Rotten Tomatoes’, full interview with Thwaites, on their Instagram account.


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Titans season three production has been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis, so there’s no official release date yet.

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