“Visionaries: Featuring Jorge Jiménez” Documentary Coming to DC Universe 6/20

Article by Steve J. Ray

Jorge Jiménez is a comics artist who has blown the comics world away with his great action and dynamic storytelling. Now my fellow Spaniard is being honored with his very own documentary, “Visionaries: Featuring Jorge Jiménez”, on DC Universe!

As we say in Spanish, “Enhorabuena, Jorge!”

Here’s a breakdown on what we can expect from this film, including a trailer and stills:


Featuring Interviews With Collaborators and Friends,
Follow Jiménez’s Journey To Becoming
A World-Renowned Comic Book Artist

Jorge Jiménez is known by fans for his unique take on a number of DC’s biggest characters and iconic teams including Batman, The Justice League, Super Sons and more. Debuting on Saturday, June 20 on DC UNIVERSE, the nearly hour-long Visionaries: Featuring Jorge Jiménez will profile Jiménez and his lifelong dream to become a comic book artist.

Click here to see the trailer.

This documentary enters the world of one of DC’s brightest talents. The documentary charts Jiménez’s journey as a young artist from a remote village in Spain to his early professional struggles to illustrate some of the most well-known DC heroes. Along the way, Jiménez details his artistic process and his desire to one day draw his childhood hero, Superman.

Images, Video and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment


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