Prelude to Batman #92 On DC Comics Instagram Page

by Carl Bryan
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Article by Carl Bryan

There’s a Punchline to This Story!!!

Head over to @DCNation on Twitter, for a link to their Instagram Story for the first prelude to Batman #92!

James Tynion IV Delivers…

This prelude is one to be excited for as we see that Punchline is not happy with the old digs that Joker’s henchmen have set her up in. Turns out there’re too many memories of an old flame.

If there is anything evident in this phone call between Punchline and Joker, she’s not interested in Harley or any prior allegiances, either.

Guillem March totally draws a perfect Punchline and Joker, so if your interest is not totally piqued at this point, these pages show you just what a threat Punchline is going to be!

The full press release and some great images from Batman #93 are coming up tonight, right here on Dark Knight News!

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