Opinion: DC Universe – Shows And Movies That Should Be On The Service

by Kevin Gunn
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Article by Kevin Gunn

DC Universe will celebrate its first anniversary on September 15. Fans have been treated to former television shows, as well as movies that have graced the silver screen. We have also been treated to original series like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing. But as great as DC Universe is, it could always be better.

Submitted for no one’s approval, here’s a list of former DC Comics and related properties that deserve new life on the premiere streaming service.

Batman (1966)

DC Universe

This one is admittedly a stretch. Not too long ago 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. worked out an agreement to release this classic series. The late, great Adam West is still a favorite Batman to several fans. Adding this show to the DC Universe WILL entice more subscribers.

Wonder Woman (2011)

Before Melissa Benoist donned her tights as Supergirl, there was talk about bringing another DC superheroine back to television.  ‎Adrianne Palicki‎ was cast as Princess Diana in a Wonder Woman pilot that never made it to air. Fans should be able to decide for themselves if they like it, and what better platform then DC Universe?

The Zeta Project (2001)

Since it was set in the Timmverse, it technically is a DC show, and with Batman Beyond already a part of DC Universe, let’s add this fan-favorite to the mix.

Aquaman (2006)

In hopes of riding Smallville‘s wave of popularity the producers of the “No Flights, No Tights” series wanted to take a similar approach to the King of Atlantis. The pilot starred Justin Hartley who would go on to play Green Arrow on Smallville. Since DC Universe has added the 1967 animated series of Aquaman, it only seems fair to see what a live-action series could’ve looked like. Note: Adrianne Palicki‎ also had a role in this pilot.

Gotham (2014)

DC Universe

This groundbreaking series showed us that a Batman series could survive without the Dark Knight, and since it just ended its run on Fox, let’s bring it home where it belongs.

The Adventures of Batman (1968)

Before Batman: The Animated Series, and even before the Super Friends, the Caped Crusader had another animated show. The Adventures of Batman wasn’t a prisoner of television censors like the Super Friends. Stars Olan Soule and Casey Kasem would reprise their roles in the popular 70s show.

Beware the Batman (2013)

DC Universe

This series was over too soon and had so much potential. I almost think that 3D animation is too expensive for Warner Bros. for more than one season (Green Lantern, anyone?). Not only would like to see the first season of Beware the Batman, but I think the series deserves a second season on DC Universe as well.

Arrow / Arrowverse (2012)

DC Universe

As the final season of Arrow begins in a few short weeks, it only seems right that once it ends it finds a new home on DC Universe. It should go without saying that all of the Arrowverse shows should then follow suit.

The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show (1979)

From 1979 to 1981, The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show was a mainstay of Saturday Morning television. For you whippersnappers (in my grandpa voice), when I was a kid all we had to watch were the Saturday morning cartoons. Plastic Man came on after the Super Friends. I think young people would benefit from seeing Plas, Baby Plas, Penny, and Hula Hula. DC Universe, if you bring back this series, please include Mighty Man and YukkFangface and Fangpuss, and Rickety Rocket.

Ruby-Spears’ Superman (1988)

Super Friends ended its impressive run in 1985 and we wouldn’t be treated to another DC Comics property in animation until three years later. To coincide with his 50th anniversary, Superman would return to television. Ruby-Spears Entertainment hired acclaimed comic book writer Marv Wolfman to be script-editor for the series. The show wasn’t as hard-hitting (pun intended) as Superman: The Animated Series, but the stories were top tier. Each episode included a mini segment titled “Superman Family Album” which featured Clark/Kal-El’s adventures growing up with the Kents.

Justice League: The Snyder Cut (2017)

DC Universe

We know it exists, we know that we want to see it and DC Universe could even market it as something only available for new and current subscribers for a limited time. You’re welcome, DC Universe!

So, that’s my list. What shows and movies would you like to see on DC Universe? Comment below or on our social media.

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