Schedule Changes to ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ and a New Look Character Design for Forager

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

After a long five-month wait, the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders is finally upon us. Back in April, Showrunner Greg Weisman teased that all the episodes were complete, so the wait has been rough. In just two days, we’ll finally be back with our favorite team. Some major news over the last few days have come out for Young Justice. We’re getting some promotional material of what looks to be previous character designs for Forager. Also, a big schedule change for the series.

Forager won my heart over the first half of the season. He was a displaced insectoid alien just looking for a hive. I really felt like he brought back part of the magic of the first season: Family. Season 1 of YJ is so wonderful for so many reasons, but the most significant to me was how intimate it was compared to Season 2. The team was small and viewers grew with them as they became a family. While Season 1 were a group of sidekicks who stood together, Season 3 took a different approach by forcing a group of teens together who had nowhere to go. And Forager became the glue that brought them together. Fitting as the character is played by Jason Spisak, who played Kid Flash, another big heart.

A couple days ago, WB/DC released some artwork that showed off what looks to be prelimary character designs for Forager.

The Love Bug

Check it out below:

The main focal point of the image shows us the final designs for the loveable bug, but in the background, you’ll see very different designs. As of now, all I know is that this is promotional art. I can’t seem to find any further explanation. What I can gather, however, is that the ones in the back seem to be preliminary designs for Forager before they settled on the final one. It seems at one point, Forager was extremely thin and lanky. Clearly, this was before it was decided he would wield the roly poly pill bug weapon that is now his trademark. Later on, it seemed that he would have a much larger upper body which would have made him far more intimidating. I’m glad they eventually went with the short and stout design. It’s a cuddlier, friendlier look. Either that, or we will discover some new transformations, but that seems unlikely.

Binge no more

The big news, however, came after the fact. In January, the series premiered with three episodes weekly before eventually dumping out a 4-episodes in one day leading to the midseason finale. It was an interesting model that made viewers wait while also giving them opportunities to binge. However, it seems that DC Universe wants to keep this series running for a longer period of time. DC Universe is putting it on a new schedule. This Tuesday, the series will air three episodes, before jumping into a more traditional format of a one episode per week for 7 weeks. Then, on August 27th, they’ll dump out the last three episodes containing the season finale.

I’m going to miss binging this series weekly, but I’m certainly fine with it lasting a bit longer. It was all over too fast in January, especially since we don’t yet know if we’ll be getting a Season 4 or if DC Universe will even continue.

The second half of Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on July 2, 2019. Stay tuned to DKN for more news.

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