Review: Red Hood Outlaw #33

by Fay Clark
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“Prince of Gotham” – Part 2
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Pete Woods
Color Artist: Rex Lokus
Letterer: ALW Troy Peteri

Review by Fay Clark

What an amazing issue #32 was and with it still fresh in my mind, I couldn’t wait to jump into part 2. Jason, having recently gained a new place of business, is on a high. In this latest issue we could see all that come tumbling down. Has one of Gotham’s most renowned villains got the upper hand?

Wow, can I just say right off the bat in this issue yet another thing happens that seems to be setting up for a major pay off at a later point. Lobdell as the writer definitely seems to be playing the long game with these story lines, and I for one love that. It means I get more of this great writing and more of Jason Todd. Who doesn’t want that?

And the best supporting character goes to…

It’s great to see how well the side/supporting characters are used in this series. Lobdell goes full force and really fleshes them out, giving them storylines of their own and letting the audience engage with them. You end up getting attached and have feelings for every one. Now just bear with me here, there’s a theory coming. I think that letting us see and really enjoy these supporting characters as much as we do, Lobdell might be setting us up for a death. This will have not only an effect on Red Hood, but on readers too. This might also be utter nonsense, but I have this feeling in my gut. Something big is about to happen, something bad.

The art as always is looking really sharp. The way Pete Woods has used the space he was given is great. There’s always something going on in a panel, the attention to detail is stunning. All the action that was happening really flew off the page, I thought it was great.


There seems to be so much brewing on the horizon, that if I squint hard enough I just just about see a Red Hood. Or maybe that’s just blood. This series has so much potential, so I can’t wait to see what Lobdell does with it. The artists are pulling out all the stops as per usual and as long as that keeps happening I’ll be a happy camper.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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