Director Todd Phillips Posts New Photo from ‘Joker’

When Todd Phillips’ Joker began principal photography in September, it was hard to ignore all the paparazzi photos of filming that surfaced on the Internet. So much so that Phillips, in his frustration, combated all the leaks by releasing his own high quality photos and clips. It was ubiquitous and then suddenly, it wasn’t. The film wrapped photography in December and since then, WB/DC have decided to keep quiet on that front, as they released their box office juggernaut, Aquaman. Considering all the attention the film was getting at the time, I’m certain Phillips and co. are quite happy to work in silence as the film goes into post-production.

However, yesterday, Phillips took to Instagram to post a brand new photo of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, pre-Joker. Apparently, the flick is currently in the editing stages judging from the caption accompanying the photo.

Take a look:


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Editing #Joker

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As I’m sure was the intention, there’s not a lot to extrapolate from this photo. It’s a beautiful black and white still from the movie, but I’m not getting too much out of it. The tube TV, the set design, and even Fleck’s attire continues to push the era of Joker being set in the 1980s. Fleck seems particularly focused on the screen as he sits on his coffee table, with his finger resting on the giant contraption sitting atop his TV.

Based on the videocassettes strewn about, it seems pretty likely that he’s recording whatever’s playing. It’s important enough for him to record, so it makes me wonder what it could be. Since Robert De Niro was cast as a talk show host, it could be possible Fleck is watching the program that De Niro’s character hosts. I attempted to read the writing scrawled in marker on the videocassettes below the TV, but found nothing noteworthy.

Did you see anything in the photo that I didn’t notice? What can determine from it? Are you excited for Joker? Let us know.

Joker hits theatres October 4, 2019. Stay tuned to DKN for any updates.

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