Harley Quinn Is Back… Larger Than Life!

by Steve J Ray
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DC Collectibles are at it again! Not only have they released two gorgeous new Harley Quinn statues, one is large as life… LITERALLY!


“Hi, Puddin’!”

DC Collectibles has created the ultimate Harley Quinn collectible- a full sized, 1:1 ratio statue of the Cupid of Crime herself.

This stylish life-size statue is packed with larger-than-life personality, featuring Gotham’s very own Maid of Mischief decked out in her iconic red, black, and white costume.

The Sideshow Exclusive Harley Quinn Life-Size Figure is a limited-quantity showpiece that is a must-have for any Harley fan or Batman collector.

Don’t miss your chance to snag everyone’s favorite harlequin for your home collection!


Product Size
Height: 68.40″ (1737.36 mm) | Width: 25″ (635 mm) | Depth: 25″ (635 mm)

As well as this incredible release, Sideshow have also created a fantastic action piece, featuring Harley with her “Babies” Bud & Lou, the hilarious hyenas. Hold onto your hats, as this Harley is going on a wild ride, with or without her pop gun!


Sideshow presents the Harley Quinn Statue, the next DC Comics collectible busting her way into the Animated Series Collection.

Inspired by Harley Quinn’s iconic animated appearance, this dynamic collectible captures Gotham’s Maid of Mischief with her darling hyenas in a beloved art style.  The Harley Quinn Statue measures 16.25” tall as Harley ramps down a crate bursting with Joker Fish and laughing gas.  Pulled along by Bud and Lou, The Joker’s best girl is out for a night on the town, causing chaos wherever she goes!

The resin Harley Quinn Statue features a sculpted costume in her signature red, black, and white color scheme, detailed Harley’s trademark diamond cut patterns and sculpted white ruffs.  This stylized statue is bursting with energy and animated movement, from the tip of her jester’s hood to the lolling tongues and flying fur of her pet hyenas.

The Exclusive Edition of the Harley Quinn Statue includes a swap-out right hand holding a loaded pop gun, so you can add an additional pop of flair to your Batman collectibles display.

Rev up your DC Comics collection and order the Harley Quinn Statue today


Product Size
Height: 16.25″ (412.75 mm)  Width: 10″ (254 mm)  Depth: 15″ (381 mm)

Both these incredible items are only available to pre-order right now, with the life-size statue due to ship between October and December 2019, and the Harley, Bud & Lou piece arriving Jan-Mar 2020.

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