Review: Catwoman #8

by Adam Ray
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“Something Smells Fishy” – Part 2

Writer: Joëlle Jones
Artists: Elena Casagrande and Fernando Blanco
Color Artist: John Kalisz
Letterer: Josh Reed

In the previous issue, Penguin successfully drew Selina out. The unlikely meeting from Batman’s rogue’s gallery made for a resounding image to end #7. This time we see the purpose of that meeting, and it’s quite a turn up. Both Catwoman and Penguin have been tangling with Batman for almost as long as the Dark Knight has been around. Finding new and exciting ways to manage these characters is a testament to the strong writing team, as well as the universality of these characters. Some version or other of iconic characters like these should always be key players in the DC Universe, and it’s so satisfying to see them well managed in this issue.

It’s quite a feat of storytelling to be able to convey a lot, with little background. It’s a common trope to thoroughly explain all the context needed in issues gone. None of that is here. It takes real confidence in your writing to be able to do that. To be bold enough to have your action sequence have no words other than sound effects for 3 pages. The story goes on with the assumption of Selina meeting Oswald, but no details about who Ms Creel is or the dark deeds she’s involved with. We just get a strong heist story and mysterious allusions of the future.


This interlude was a key test for the creative team. Coming off their Copycat storyline, it would be an important test to see if the team can handle the between period between arcs. They managed it perfectly. The story contained within is isolated and self sustaining. It fits perfectly within the ongoing narrative of Catwoman but doesn’t demand past knowledge. A very strong branch off the big narrative, and leaves us ready for more.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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