Alleged Final Joker Look Leaked Online

by Eric Lee
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The final, rumored Joker look has popped up online via leaked photos.

Reddit user Aliens218, posted the supposed leak image of Gotham’s Clown Prince Of Crime. If the pictures are legitimate, then it is a frightening interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime.

How creepy is that? He looks less like the Joker and more like Indiana Jones’ Walter Donovan after drinking from the false Holy Grail. He certainly has the appearance of a person who’s fallen into a tank of acid.

How Real Are the Images?

Since, the source is not official, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. However, the leaked images are consistent with other pictures of the Joker that take place after the Ace Chemicals episode.

Furthermore, it also corroborates what executive producer Eric Stephens said, when he revealed a ten-year time skip in Gotham’s final episode. It also seems to fall in line with the rumors that viewers will see David Mazouz as Batman, a monocled Penguin with umbrellas, and a green suited Riddler with a cane. At this point, seeing Gotham’s version of Joker makes sense.

Gotham will broadcast 8/7 central time on FOX.

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