Chris Pratt Surprised Bookies Are Considering Him For Batman Role

Chris Pratt is already a fan favourite actor, and no stranger to playing a comic-book superhero on-screen. Not only has he headlined the two Jurassic World movies, he’s voiced Emmet in two Lego Movies (alongside Will Arnett’s Batman) and led the Guardians Of The Galaxy as Star-Lord.

However, he remains humble, and was genuinely surprised to learn that bookies consider him a great candidate to play Batman. In a recent interview with MTV the actor expressed his disbelief at finding out he held 16 to 1 odds at taking over the cape and cowl.

Really? Wow. I didn’t know that. You can bet on this stuff? Wow. We should bet enough to budget the movie.

While he is by no means odds-on favorite, Chris Pratt could conceivably handle the role.

What does everyone out there think? Should he stick to the bright lights, or can he handle playing a darker hero?

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Steve J Ray

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