Former Batgirl Actress Posts Throwback Photo

by Sharna Jahangir
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Dina Meyer, the former Batgirl from WB series, Birds of Prey posted a fun throwback this week. In the photo, she dusts off her Batgirl costumes from the 2003 series where she played Oracle, The identity Barbara Gordon adopted after being paralyzed by the Joker, and the leader of the Superhero-girl-gang. Her suit appeared on-screen set a few times, and sixteen years later she’s shared it with us again.

Dina Tweeted a throwback photo of herself on the Birds and Prey set the day her brother dropped by for a visit. Check it out below!

Knowing how important family is to the Bat-gang, it’s always wholesome sharing family photos with fans. The series ran for thirteen episodes on the WB, now known as the CW.

The origin story of Oracle in the series wasn’t exactly comics accurate, but it was certainly entertaining. The Joker had murdered Catwoman, leaving a broken Batman to abandon his cape and cowl. A paralyzed Batgirl became Oracle and recruited Huntress, the child of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne, to create a team. Dinah/Black Canary then joined in, making them the “Birds of Prey” a female force, defending Gotham city from it’s villains.

It’s very interesting and wonderful that although the series ended shortly, DC Comics and WB maintained a relationship with the characters; Black Canary appears in Arrow, portrayed by Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy and Batgirl has been mentioned throughout the CW, however there’s been no sign of her… yet?

For those feeling nostalgic, the series is available on DVD and for streaming on the DC Universe app.

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