Review: Harley Quinn #55

by Kendra Smart
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Review: Harley Quinn #55

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: John Timms

It’s Christmas Time In Tha City

With plenty of good tidings and cheer we welcome Harley Quinn #55. There have been many holiday themed comic issues over the years and this one is fully Harley. Her whole family has come into town to celebrate with her and true to form, what can go wrong WILL. Let’s dive in shall we?

Tha Gang’s All Here

Harley is going through her rules with her family when we open the doors back into the Harleyverse. She is explaining just how important Christmas is to her and that anyone who steps a toe out of line will regret it their whole life.

This issue is about Harley’s family and is really heartfelt, amidst the drones carrying dinner to the table, or death metal. There is even an instance of a pine scented bonfire; all the things needed for a proper Christmas dinner. In true Harley style a ticking time bomb is waiting to detonate and it truly hits the readers hard. Bring tissues folks, this one is as shocking as it is beautiful.

Cinnamon Snail Cookies

Sam Humphries really continues to amaze me with his writing. There is a connection throughout the series that really hits home in this issue and he brings so many different sides to Harleen to the surface.

This series has really helped to deepen her character and show readers how many facets she has. John Timms provides some amazing art this issue; there are scenes where it’s just breathtaking. Mixed with Alex Sinclair on colors this team does an outstanding job of putting us in the holiday mood, eggnog included.


This is the sixth issue of the ongoing Harley Quinn series I have gotten to review. This doesn’t include the side stories or the new series Old Lady Harley. When I say I genuinely look forward to each issue I really mean it. The way each team brings her personality and her way of speaking to life is astounding. Each story is well written and evenly paced where it needs to be. I keep waiting for something to be off, but so far every decision has been great. I am excited to see just what is coming for Harley as it is hinted to be huge!

Have a Happy Holiday Season and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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