‘Batman And The Outsiders’ Series Delayed

The upcoming Batman and the Outsiders comic has been delayed indefinitely for creative reasons.

When first announced, Batman and the Outsiders promised to be released in December 2018. Since then, the solicitations have since then been removed and the pre-orders are cancelled. However, the title is not cancelled according to writer Bryan Hill.

When asked by fans about the status of the series, Hill responded on Twitter that the title is just on hold while he makes some tweaks. The series will eventually come out once Hill completes re-writes to better reflect ongoing events in the DC universe.

The Outsiders Will Return Eventually

While Hill is adamant that the series is forthcoming, he was light on the details on when. In the meantime, it leaves the question of what DC events the writer is referring to? The only ongoing events at the moment are Tom King’s Heroes in Crisis and Geoff Johns’ Doomsday Clock. Could Hill’s Outsiders series deal with the fallout from these events? Doomsday Clock is itself running late, so could be causing a knock-on effect.

Meanwhile, for check out Dark Knight News’ Steve J. Ray’s interview with Hill.


Eric Lee

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