Batman And Flash Crossover Coming Soon To DC Comics

by Philip Clark
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Crossover events seem to be the hot craze right now. The CW universe is hurtling towards an event for the ages! DC comics are doing the same. We’ve already had a Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman event, and crossovers with Aquaman and both the Suicide Squad and the Justice League.

Next we will see Batman and The Flash in a four part crossover. This new story will follow DC’s two greatest detectives as a Justice League cold case re-opens.

“The Last Cold Case” begins in Batman #64, on sale from February 6th 2019, and will finish in The Flash #65, on sale from February 27th.

With the events of Heroes In Crisis sending shock waves rippling throughout the DC universe, someone needs to be held accountable. For the Flash, that someone is the Batman.

As tensions rise and friendships are pushed to their limits. Will the Dark Knight and the Fastest Man Alive be able to put their differences aside?

Find out in February 2019!

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