Halloween Teaser of ‘Gotham’s’ “Mr. J”

by Adam Ray
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The final season of Gotham is coming soon. We already know a great deal going in, about both the characters and the production. The studio stretching the final season to twelve episodes instead of ten closeness that the show will close with a neat one hundred episodes. We know that there’s going to be a significant jump ahead in time, to show just how decayed the city of Gotham has become in its isolation.

Most of all we know the most sinister element in that no man’s land is Mr. J himself. A version of what we will come to know as The Joker: Jeremiah Valeska.

Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal of the Valeska brothers gave us all a dose of vitamin J, without ever even being called The Joker. There’re parts of his mythology that allow Joker to be more than just a pale man. The chaos inhabits people, and is constant. Much like the expanded mythos about the Demon Barbatos. There will always be some chaotic figure. Jerome and Jeremiah may not be the real Joker as we know him, but they are each a Joker.

Hideous Laughter

For the creepiest day of the year, we saw a super cut of the brother’s most shocking acts, to excite and terrify us. It worked; just like his plans at the end of season four.

On the subject of Jeremiah’s next moves, Monaghan says:

His plan succeeded… which is rare for any villain to succeed. So I think he’s enjoying that he’s king.

Going into the next season, fans have a lot to look forward to. This adaptation of No Man’s Land is unique, as it was dabbled with only lightly in The Dark Knight Rises. To see a city already notorious for lawlessness, ruled by this quiet, calculating Joker is the stuff of nightmares, and a great way to cap off five years of compelling television.

Watch Mr J’s special message right here… and Happy Halloween!

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