‘Gotham’ Star Would Like Role In ‘Pennyworth’

Pennyworth is an up and coming series created by Gotham producers; Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon. The show will follow a young Alfred Pennyworth, as he begins working for Thomas Wayne. Alfred is a character that has been a staple in the Batman mythos for decades.

There have been multiple on-screen interpretations of the character, most recently, Sean Pertwee’s portrayal on Gotham. Casting news of the new show has recently been released, and actor Jack Bannon has been cast as the young Pennyworth. The show runners have also cast their Thomas Wayne, with English actor Ben Aldridge portraying Bruce’s father.

While Pertwee is too old to portray the new show’s version of Alfred, he would still like to be a part of the show. Comicbook.com recently paid a visit to the set of Gotham ahead of Season Five. This is what Pertwee had to say, when asked about the new show;

I’m very excited, you know, I’m honored that the fact that I’ve, I can say this narcissistically that I’ve piqued people’s interest enough to prove to them to be worthy of having his own spinoff show. It’s ironic that I’m a sort of younger version of The Dark Knight‘s Alfred, of Michael Cain, and they’re going younger still. I want to be in it in some capacity, but we’ll wait and see. So, if you see Daniel or Bruno have a word.

Who would you like to see Pertwee portray? Alfred’s father perhaps? Or some other family member? Let us know in the comments below.


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